Disc Golf Course

Disc Golf Basket

The History of Thomas Park

Thomas Memorial Park is a 12-acre park located two blocks off McDade Road at 411 Madison Street. The park, built in the 1970’s, consists of a baseball field, playground, restrooms, pavilion, picnic tables and concession area. A youth softball field used for additional little league play is also located in the park.

A grant from the Lower Colorado River Authority and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has enabled the park to be improved with the following renovations: a nine-hole disc golf course, an additional picnic shelter, new volleyball court, new playground equipment, expanded trails system, two additional practice fields, an expanded parking lot, renovated bathrooms/concession area, additional picnic and bar-b-q areas and much more.

In 2019 with the growing public interest in outdoor recreation, the Elgin Parks & Recreation Department added new Tee Boxes numbers to our existing Disc Golf Course. 

Additional property has been acquired to expand the park at a later date.


Objective of the Game

Disc Golf is like traditional golf, but with discs instead of balls and clubs. One throw (stroke) is counted each time the disc is thrown and when a penalty is incurred. The goal is to play each hole in the fewest strokes possible. The player with the lowest total strokes for the entire course wins.

Tee Off

Each hole begins with a tee throw. Tee throws must be completed behind the tee post.

Throwing Order

The player with the least amount of strokes on the previous hole is the first to tee off on the next hole. After tee off, the player whose disc is farthest from the hole throws first

Completion Of Hole

A disc that comes to rest in the disc golf basket or suspended in the chains constitutes the successful completion of that hole.

Out Of Bounds

A throw that lands out of bounds must be played from 3 feet in bounds from where the disc went out of bounds. Private property, public roads, and park boundaries are out of bounds.

Thomas Disc Golf Course Map