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Downtown Then n Now - Collin Sheehan Photography

Welcome to Main Street

A variety of businesses from banks and insurance to retail and restaurants occupy these buildings. The Strategic Plan for Main Street is available here. Check out the Downtown Shopping Guide for places to visit and watch our Community Calendar for various events the Main Street Program promotes.  
 As a Texas Main Street City, Elgin is focused on revitalizing the heart of the community through the Main Street Approach.  

Economic Development in the context of historic preservation makes this growing, dynamic downtown district flexible, and various resources and programs are available to support your future investment. 

Main Street Program
The Elgin Main Street Program creates a vibrant, multiple-use, pedestrian-friendly environment in the traditional commercial district, thereby increasing economic vitality and saving historic buildings that make up the character and heritage of a community.

Historic Downtown Elgin

In 1991, Elgin Texas was designated a Historic District for the downtown business area. Properties within this area require a review of any changes to be made to the exterior that is visible from the public right-of-way.

New Life for an Old Building

New Life for an Old Building

  1. Downtown Properties for Sale or Lease

    View and download a printable list of properties for sale.

  2. Business Assistance & Economic Development Corp

  3. Elgin Chamber of Commerce

    Access the Elgin Chamber of Commerce's website

  4. Bastrop County

    Visit the Bastrop County Economic Development website

  5. Zoning
  6. Building Permits
  7. Certified Local Government
  1. Community Services

    Physical Address
    802 North Avenue C
    Fleming Community Center
    Elgin, TX 78621

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 591
    Elgin, TX 78621

  2. Amy Miller

    Community Services Director

  3. Kristina Alvarez

    Main Street Manager

  1. Economic Development Corporation

    Physical Address
    310 N Main Street
    Elgin, TX 78621

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 591
    Elgin, TX 78621

  2. Owen Rock

    Director, Elgin EDC

  3. Kaley Frye

    Project Manager