Elgin Public Library Celebration Wall

Celebration Wall at the Elgin Public Library

We would like to thank the many people who gave their time and effort to help in the Elgin 150th Sesquicentennial library wall project:

  • Mary Ann Clark, Library Advisory Board member, volunteer, researcher, and main collaborator in this project. 
  • The library staff. Paula Waak, Library Director, and her staff for making this project a priority for the past year.
  • The Board of Directors of the Friends of the Elgin Library for their financial and thoughtful support, as well as, for their detailed minutes of their monthly meetings over the past 36 years. 
  • The Library Advisory Board members for their support in the project. 
  • Amy Miller, Director of Community Services, for promoting this project. 
  • Elgin Art Society for helping judge the Youth Art Mural Contest.
  • Muralists: 
    1. Gianna Narvaez (9th Grade) – 2 Murals: One depicting youth in a library, another highlighting the 150 years of Elgin.
    2. Francisco Gallegos (7th Grade) – Train mural in the children’s area.
    3. Eisley A. (4th Grade) – Colorful abstract art that was transformed into transparent window mobiles.
  • Sign and Banner Texas in Bastrop, Texas for help in enlarging the youth art entries into banners.
  • The Clever Tiger in Elgin, Texas with Kyle and Ashley Smith for framing the pictures.
  • Elgin Historical Association for their archival pictures, Elgin Etc. publications, and special members Sandee Murphree, Sandy Ott, Patsy Hoffman, and Sydna Arbuckle for their valuable reminiscences.
  •  The Elgin Courier for their archival information.

 November 2022

Elgin 150th Sesquicentennial Celebration - Winner of the Mural CompetitionArt Mural of Train in Children's areaArt Mural Contest Winners