Game Pavilion

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Summer 2021, Elgin Memorial Park's Small Pavilion was converted to a Game Pavilion with multiple wooden board games. Patrons are encouraged to bring game pieces or visit the Elgin Recreation Center to check out pieces and instructions. 
Debora Marzec
Carlos Gandia
Peter Rosales

Games created and donated by volunteer Debora Marzec. Installation completed by volunteers Carlos Gandia and Peter Rosales. 



About 1,500 years ago the great game of chess was first played. Not in quite the same way we play today, but close enough for us to recognize it.

Did you know the 'white moves first' rule wasn't a rule until 1897!


Checkers, known as Draughts or Dames in much of the world, developed from the Medieval Spanish game of Alquerque.

It is a much enjoyed two player strategy game.

Nine Mens Morris

Nine Mens Morris

This ancient game has been called by many names such as Mills, Merels, and even Cowboy Checkers. Thousands of years old it was known in Europe, Africa and Asia, although now it can found being played all over the world....and online!

A two person strategy game it is fun for both children and adults.

Since it has been played for so long and in so many places there are different rule variations. So just make sure you and your opponent are playing by the same set of rules.

Yut Nori

A traditional game from Korea. Historically played with 2 teams, think village against village! Nowadays you can adapt the game to play with 2, 3 or 4 individual players.

Yut Nori

Chinese Chess / Xiangqi

A wonderful chess variant with fortresses and a river marked on the board. The pieces include cannon and elephants!

Xiangqi is the most played board game in the world.

Kolowis Awithlaknannai / Fighting Serpents

This is a Zuni Native American strategy game for players.

It is known to have been played for several centuries and may have been influenced by the Medieval Spanish game of Alquerque.



Patolli is a 2 person game of both strategy and luck. 2 sided dice such as beans or throwing sticks were used.

First played about 2,000 years ago, many Mesoamerican cultures such as the Aztecs, Mayans and Toltec enjoyed this game.

No original rules exist but recreated rules for both 2 and 4 player versions exist.