Duck Pond

If you visit Morris Memorial Park frequently, you may have noticed that Morris’ resident duck population is not migratory meaning they make their home in Morris Park year-round. During the day they can be found relaxing under the bridge to avoid the heat of the day, walking around the park searching for food, taking a dip in the pond, or visiting the duck house located in the spillway behind the pond. Ducks are naturally omnivores meaning that while they hunt for food they are not only looking for the most delicious pieces of grass but also seeds and small bugs. 

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When spending an afternoon in Morris Memorial Park, here’s a few key things to remember about feeding ducks:
  • Ducks really enjoy birdseed, grapes (cut in half), corn, earthworms or mealworms, vegetable trimmings/peels, raw nuts, and poultry starter pellets.
  • Do not feed ducks bread, chips, crackers, popcorn, or other bread-type products and junk food. Processed foods are not good for ducks’ digestive tracks.
  • If the ducks stop eating your offerings, stop throwing food. Leftover, uneaten food can attract rodents, create unpleasant odors, and become moldy, making animals sick.
  • Put all trash in trash cans to avoid it polluting the pond and wildlife surrounding the pond, including our fish, turtles, and other bird populations.
What do I do if I see an injured duck? Call Animal Control at 512-285-5757.