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What is it?

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt using a GPS- enabled device to find a cache. A cache is a hidden object or a container placed at a specific location marked by coordinates. Geocaches can range in size from smaller than a pencil eraser to larger than a 5-gallon bucket. Many are camouflaged or disguised to be hidden in plain sight. 

How do I participate?

Download a FREE geocaching app. Once you've created an account, you can start accessing geocache coordinates. When the GPS starts, follow the map to find the cache, and log your success!

What happens when I find a cache?

Once you find the cache, you enter your name and date into the logbook. Some of the caches will have objects you can take as a prize, usually, you would take one and leave something of equal value for the next finder like a keychain, small toy, or buttons.

There's a number of phone apps that allow you to hunt for and locate geocaches, however the Elgin Parks & Recreation Department logs our caches on

For more information on how to play, visit the Geocaching homepage, or click here to see a more in-depth "How To" article. 

When you find a cache, don't forget to tag us at @ElginTXParks!

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